In this document SCAP shall be synonymous with ‘the Park’ ‘Sun Coast Adventure Park’ and Costa Del Sol Limited’ its employees and agents.

I acknowledge and understand that the Park is an outdoor facility that is intended to provide wholesome clean safe fun for everyone.  Some of the activities offered at the Park carry inherent risks and dangers, both arising from mechanical equipment and from the natural rock formations and fauna preserved by SCAP.  The natural environment in which the Park is situated also carries the risk presented by stinging insects.

I acknowledge that whilst I am permitted to use the beach adjacent to the Park, I do so at my own risk, taking responsibility for my own safety from the risks and dangers typically associated with deep water and where no life guard is present.

In consideration of SCAP providing the facilities, services and equipment to enable me to participate in the activities of the Park I:-
i) shall observe all warnings posted and instructions given for my safety and the safety of other persons exercising good sense and good judgment; and ii) undertake to use the facilities and equipment and participate in the activities responsibly and voluntarily being fully aware of the attendant risks and dangers; and iii) accept responsibility for my own safety and the safety of persons under my charge; and iv) hold SCAP blameless for any injury howsoever severe and however caused and or loss of property that I might sustain whilst on the Park; and v) agree that in the event that I am entitled to compensation from SCAP for any injury sustained whilst at the Park, the measure of compensation shall be limited and not exceed the amount of the ticket price paid by me to participate in the said activities and or to be present at the Park.

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I, the guardian of the under mentioned minor understand the minor’s experience and capabilities.  I hereby Consent to the minor’s attendance at the Park and participation in the selected activities.  I acknowledge that the foregoing STATEMENT is equally applicable to the minor and to that extent I agree to be responsible for the minor safety and hereby indemnify and hold harmless SCAP from any and all liability.

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