Park Waiver

All visitors must sign our waiver before entering the park. Reduce your wait at the gate by reading and signing the waiver before arrival!

Paintball Courses

Jamaica's first, biggest and best Paint Ball facility. The Park boasts three fields that offer a mixture of forest ball to open terrain equipped with various forms of bunkers, walls, ditches, and other suitable ‘hide-behind’ obstacles.


This is the first, biggest and best Paintball operation in Jamaica. The Park boasts four unique fields that offer a mixture of speed ball and scenario games.

Our forest ball field is a challenge of stealth and team work.This field is set on approximately 1 acre of south coast forest.Tracks are cut through the dense scrub land designed in such a way as to allow teams to out flank each other. Discipline and team work is critical to success on this field.

Our urban scenario field is designed for close quarter building to building encounters.Here the games range from storming the opponent’s strong hold to last man standing to protecting the VIP.

We have two Speed Ball fields Jamaican Style.These are open flat areas equipped with various forms of bunkers, walls, tires, and other suitable ‘hide-behind’ obstacles.  The fields can be themed to suit any occasion – Halloween Ghouls anyone? Equipment used is designed for maximum durability and fun. Typical games here are capture the flag and last man standing.

Paintball has become an important team building sport for companies of all sizes and we offer team building packages for almost any sized group.