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Rope Challenge Course

FAQs - Rope Challenge Course - RCC

Q. What is a Ropes Challenge Course?A. It is a high wire obstacle course. The RCC at SCAP was designed and built by Canopy Tours Inc a company based in New Hampshire Wisconsin USA. It comprises eight elements (obstacles) and a 400 foot ZAP LINE.

Q. Who can do the RCC?A. If you weigh less than 250 lbs and you are taller than 4’6" and not terrified of heights you can do the course. Persons weighing more than 250lbs or who measure less than 4’6” tall may do the course at the discretion of the senior course guide.
If you suffer from heart or respiratory problems, you should not do the course; if you suffer from spine or neck injury you should not do the course; if you are under medication that makes you drowsy or that might impair your judgment you should not do the course;

Q. How safe is it?A. It is very safe. Every person who goes up on the course is fitted with a safety harness equipped with two high grade leashes. A cable has been installed above each element unto which persons are tethered at all times with at least one leash. Our guides who are well trained and certified ensure that persons traverse the course safely.

Q. What happens if I fall off an element or if I get stuck half way across?A. You will be perfectly safe. The cable unto which you are leashed is rated for 23,000lbs, so even if the element completely fails you would be secure in your harness. If you get stuck, just trust your equipment and our guides who are trained for any eventuality on the RCC.

Q. What happens if I do not want to go further and just want to get off the course?A. Our guides will be there to assist you. If you do not wish to continue on the course our guides will get you off the course easily and safely. Always trust your equipment and our guides.

Q. What should I wear?A. We advice you to wear good fitting sneakers or rubber soled shoes with a good grip as well as comfortable clothing. If your skin is sensitive to the sun we also recommend that you wear sun block.