Park Waiver

All visitors must sign our waiver before entering the park. Reduce your wait at the gate by reading and signing the waiver before arrival!


FAQs - Maze

Q. Is there an age limit for use of the Maze?A. No, the Maze is open to all ages. Small children may become anxious if left alone, but there is an observation deck from which parents and /or guardians can watch the children. The Maze panels are raised off the ground so that kids may crawl under the panels – although in normal use this would be cheating.There are also two emergency exit gates in the maze.}

Q. How big is the Maze?A. Maze is 4600 square feet.

Q. Can anyone get trapped in the Maze?A. No, there are two emergency exits and an observation deck from which parents and supervisors can observe what’s happening in the Maze.{

Q. What games can you play in the MazeA. We suggest, Scavenger Hunt, Water Pistol fights and Beat the Clock, Hide and Seek, Tag/Freeze. But the type of games is limited only by your imagination. The Maze is great for birthday parties.

Q. What is the cost for using the Maze?A. The Park entry fee includes the use of the Maze without an additional charge.

FAQs - Beach

Q. Is there a Lifeguard at the beach?A. We do not always have a lifeguard at the beach. Please enquire at our booking line (876)485-0015 to make arrangements for a life guard. There is no additional cost to you.}

Q. What facilities are there at the beach?A. There are currently no facilities at the beach.

Q. How far is the beach from the Park?A. The beach is a 5 minute walk down and a 10 minute walk back. The walk back can be strenuous as it is up hill. It will only take a minute by car.

Q. Is fishing allowed at the beach?A. Yes as long as you are considerate of other persons using the beach and who may be in the water. There is good fishing from the beach and typically persons will catch snook, parrot and snapper using artificial bait as well as shrimp or squid.

Q. Can alcohol be consumed on the beach? A. We do not enforce the no alcohol rule on the beach, however, we do not encourage person to drink alcohol or use drugs or any substance that inhibits good judgment or hampers physical movement. Please be aware that if you have consumed alcohol at the beach you may not be permitted to play paintball or to participate on the Ropes Course once you return to the Park.