Park Waiver

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Hiking Trail

FAQs - Hiking Trail

Q. What should I wear on the hiking trail?A. A good quality comfortable sneakers or walking shoes. Cool clothing and a hat should be your choice of clothing. It is not recommended that you wear sandals. The trails are rough terrain with plenty of honey comb rock and lose stones.

Q. How long is the walk?A. The longest trail takes approximately a 1hour walk, but that depends on the stops you make and your pace. The shortest trail will take about 20 minutes. Some areas are quite steep and require caution.

Q. What should I take on the trail?A. We strongly recommend that you take a bottle of water. We also recommend that you take your camera but please make certain that it is secured by a lanyard or similar device.

Q. What should I expect to see on the trail?

A. Two thirds of the area of Jamaica are covered by limestone the age of which ranges from Paleocene to Middle Miocene (54 - 14 millions of years). Interesting limestone formations are visible throughout the trails. Wild life is abundant and includes birds, mongoose, hermit crabs, fielder crabs, lizards and others.There are great views of the coast and of the Caribbean Sea.

Q. Are children allowed on the trail?A. Yes we allow children on the trail but they must be accompanied by a responsible adult or trail guide.

Q. Are guides provided for the hiking trails?A. The trails are well defined and most responsible persons would be able to undertake the course quite ably, however, we do provide guides one of whom would be happy to accompany you.